August - December 2020

Here you can se the schedule for the spring season and find the classes h´where you would like to attend. 

Be here in good time so you have the time to get ready for the class and have your yoga mat ready as welle.

read more about the classes  here

You are welcome to have a private class - write or call for details.

Tuesday at 17:00- 18:30 Astanga Yoga
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Tuesday at 19:00- 20:30 Rocket Light
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Thursday at 17:00- 18:30 Rocket Yoga
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Friday at 16:30 Happy Hour Rocket
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Happy Hour Rocket III Yoga at 16:30

Jnauary 30st.

February 26th

March 26th

April 23rd

May 28th

June 25th

The Yoga Flat
The Yoga Flat
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The Yoga Flat Christianshavn


at 7:15 Mixed Level

at 9:00 Mixed Level 

søndage (uneven weeks)

at 10:00 Mixed level

at 12:00 Intermediated Level

The Yoga Flat Nørrebro

Saturdays (uneven weeks

at  9:00 Mixed Level

at 11:00 Intermediated Level

iluma yoga
iluma Yoga
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iluma yoga 

Fredage kl 16:00

Rocket Yoga

Undtagen de fredage, jeg har Happy Hour Rocket Yoga på Christianshavn. Se ovenfor

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