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Everyday Yoga 

Yoga on Christianshavn


Everyday Yoga teaches yoga  based on Astanga yoga.

Astanga Vinyasa yoga is one of the most dynamic yoga styles among the traditional yoga and was taught by  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915 - 2009 ) i Mysore in India.

We have a relaxed approach to Astanga . There will be classic  guided  Astanga classes and self practice where you can modify and add to your own practice.

It is therefor natural that Everyday Yoga as the first In Denmark  offers  Rocket® Yoga on the schedule. Rocket® yoga is based on classic sequences from Astanga 1. and 2. series - but here we play  with handstand and arm balances in the flow.

Rocket® Yoga is created by Larry Schultz, while he was Turing with the  rockband The Grateful Death for 3 years as their yoga teacher.

Se a video with Larry Schultz her

Quote from a student: " ... it is very much like Astanga - you just smile a lot more".

Rocket is a perfect blend so that new to yoga can practice in the same room as advanced yogis - you choose your own variations to fit your skills.​


Open classes will not be available at the studio on this address: Overgaden Nedenvandet 51C, but in other studios. Look at Schedule


The studio  will only be open for private classes and workshops. It is light and calm and there is plenty of room around you and your mat.


We are looking forward seeing you on your mat.

Everyday yoga  

Ovengaden Neden Vandet 51C

1414 København K


+45 31421418

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Feeling a little rusty
- or are you new to yoga:
Try a private class

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Adress: Ovengaden Neden Vandet 51 C 

What is Rocket Yoga?

" It is very much like Astanga Yoga - you are just having  much more fun."

- Birgit

Rocket Yoga, by Larry Schultz, is an attempt to make Ashtanga Yoga more accessible to western practitioners.

Rocket Yoga is fast-paced and has a dynamic flow, a playful flow

In Rocket Yoga, you can modify and make your own interpretation of the asana.

If you get stuck with a pose, you can either skip it or find easier ways to practice it instead of rigidly sticking to the pattern or you can be creative and ad some new variations.


Come  join and learn how fun it is to attend a Rocket Yoga class.  You have the opportunity to play with advanced postures but in a way that makes it possible for everyone

Come join  Rocket Yoga at Everyday Yoga
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