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Everyday Yoga v/ Hanne Konstantin ; CVR 35094865; Njalsgade 23D, 2300 Kbh S, tlf. +45 31 42 14 18

Everyday Yoga 

Yoga on Islands Brygge


Everyday Yoga teaches yoga  based on Astanga yoga.

Astanga Vinyasa yoga is one of the most dynamic yoga styles among the traditional yoga and was taught by  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915 - 2009 ) i Mysore in India.

We have a relaxed approach to Astanga . There will be classic  guided  Astanga classes and self practice where you can modify and add to your own practice.

It is therefor natural that Everyday Yoga as the first In Denmark  offers  Rocket® Yoga on the schedule. Rocket® yoga is based on classic sequences from Astanga 1. and 2. series - but here we play  with handstand and arm balances in the flow.

Rocket® Yoga is created by Larry Schultz, while he was Turing with the  rockband The Grateful Death for 3 years as their yoga teacher.

Se a video with Larry Schultz her

Quote from a student: " ... it is very much like Astanga - you just smile a lot more".

Rocket is a perfect blend so that new to yoga can practice in the same room as advanced yogis - you choose your own variations to fit your skills.

To create balance there will be opportunities to attend gentle yoga as well.

There will be a maximum of 12-14 students in the studio, so everyone feels welcome.

The studio is light and calm and there is plenty of room around you and your mat.

After class you usually are invited in for a cup of homemade ginger tea, and if you feel like it you have the opportunity to have a chat with the teacher and your fellow yogis


We are looking forward seeing you on your mat.

Everyday yoga  

Njalsgade 23D on Islands Brygge


+45 31421418




Christmas Yoga  December  19th at 17:30

Christmas Yoga

Let us say goodbye to this season and which everyone a Merry Christmas 

Starting at  Everyday Yoga for a Yoga class and after we will meet at my home on Christianshavn

Here there will be "æbleskiver" and "Gløgg", coffee or tea, some fruits and some traditional danish Christmas cookies.

Normally times goes fast when we are having a good time - in danish: HYGGE.

BOOK as usually - but let me know if you are coming to the yoga class only.

What is Rocket Yoga?

" It is very much like Astanga Yoga - you are just having  much more fun."

- Birgit


Come  join and learn how fun it is to attend a Rocket Yoga class.  You have the opportunity to play with advanced postures but in a way that makes it possible for everyone

Come join  Rocket Yoga at Everyday Yoga


Hanne Konstantin

Owner and founder of Everyday Yoga.


Teaches in Danish and English

Hanne teaches with a loving energi and with focus on details and safety. It is important to Hanne to keep the awareness  on the journey from the starting point towards a bigger consciousness.


"I try to pass the joy I have found in my Yoga when I teach. It is allowed to have fun while practicing yoga."

Hanne Konstantin


Gitte Husbond
Sara Fredslund Hajdú

Teaches in Danish and English

Sara is at the moment at Maternity Leave

Sara has been practicing Astanga since 2010 and she has taught yoga since 2016.

She has her 200 TT from Prana Yoga (Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga)

"I wish to pass the fascination and joy that I experience in my yoga practice -  how asana practice can teach us about ourselves. In this way i believe we will learn how to treat our selves and our body with care and respect"

Stine Brink
Karolina Furgal

Teaches in English but understands Danish

Karolina has practiced yoga for more than 8 years, and she has been teaching for more than a year. 

Karolina is certified from Yoga Bliss in Bali (Astanga and Yin). And from Asta Yoga  (Rocket Yoga)


Karolina combines the power of Asthanga in her teaching as well as the softness and ability to let go of Yin Yoga practice.

Teaches in Danish and English

Teaches in Gentle Yoga and Meditations

Gitte has been practicing yoga for the last 8 years. 

She has her HathaYoga Teachers Training from Banjaara Yoga & Ayurveda


" For me Yoga is a great way to move - a way that strengthen my body and makes me more flexible.


At the same time the breathing makes me better to focus and makes me more energetic." 

Gitte Husbond

Teaches in Danish and English

Stine subs in Astanga, and Blid Astanga.


She will from time to time visit Copenhagen and we try to fit in a Workshop for her at Everyday Yoga.

" Yoga has been a big part of my life. My goal is to share yoga on a way that makes it fun and confronting - the same way I experience yoga"

Stine Brink